Author Visit


On Tuesday 3 November St George’s was treated to a visit by author Natasha Farrant.  Natasha is the author of six books, including a trilogy of children’s novels and a novel set in the newly-liberated France of 1944, and she is also a literary agent.

First-Third Years were introduced to her in talks throughout the day, where she spoke about things as diverse as pregnant rats, throwing cats and her own hectic childhood. She also read extracts from some of her books and discussed their ‘unifying theme’ of accepting yourself for who you are, which the girls realised is also something which we should think about in our daily lives.

For older girls, Natasha led some creative writing workshops which allowed them to explore the processes behind creating a story: in just twenty minutes one group came up with a bizarre tale of a famous athlete with a terrible secret who meets a little girl with healing powers.

Thank you to Ms Farrant/Natasha for such a fun and interesting visit, and to Miss Kennedy for organising such an enriching event.

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