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Entrance Examinations

Entrance examinations are held at the following times of year:

Sixth Form 

November preceding year of entry.

Pupils considering an application to the Sixth Form will be invited for an interview with the Head of Sixth Form or another senior member of staff.  Any offer of a place made will be contingent on meeting our minimum admissions criteria of achieving at least six grades 9-4 (A*-C) under the new grading structure at GCSE, and grade 6 (B) or above in subjects that she would like to study for A level. 

International applicants will be required to sit a written EAL paper at their current school, the local British Council office or at St George's.  Pupils will also be required to attend an interview at St George's or via Skype, before the offer of a place can be made.  

School references, reports and any other additional information relevant to your child's application will also be requested.

First Year (Year 7) and deferred entry Third Year (Year 9)

All First Year (Year 7) prospective students take their entrance exams in the November prior to year of entry.  In addition, candidates wishing to pre-test for a Third Year (Year 9) place in First Year (Year 7), and defer their entry for the following two years, will take their entrance exams at the same time as First Year (Year 7).  This option is normally for pupils at a 13+ prep school.

Individual arrangements are made for families applying after the entrance examinations have taken place and for those who wish to join after the school year has started.  We also welcome applications into Second and Fourth Year (Years 8 and 10) at any time.

Entrance examinations for First Year (Year 7) and deferred entry into Third Year (Year 9) entry consist of English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning papers.   

In addition, we ask for a school report and references from your daughter’s current school.  As we are not only looking at the academic profile of your daughter but also to assess her all round potential, every pupil is asked to prepare a two minute presentation on a subject of their choice which they give to the Headmistress or a member of the Senior Management Team on entrance examination day and every prospective pupil is interviewed.  

For sample English and Mathematics papers see below:

English Paper

Mathematics Paper

mathematics paper answers

Third Year (Year 9)

Entrance examinations for Third Year (Year 9) entry consist of English, Maths, Science and Verbal Reasoning papers.  These exams are held in the February preceding entry.  Candidates are also interviewed by the Headmistress or member of the Senior Management Team. 

For sample English and Mathematics papers see below:

english paper

mathematics paper

mathematics paper answers

Science paper

science paper answers

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