St George's

Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is independently researched, produced and presented by you and is highly valued by universities.  It is a standalone qualification separately recorded on the UCAS form.  Girls are encouraged to undertake the EPQ, especially if considering entry at a highly competitive university.  It is awarded a grade of Pass, Merit of Distinction and carries UCAS tariff points.

The EPQ indicates not only achievement in a broadening subject but also the development of valuable skills, aptitudes and personal qualities via work experience, volunteering and personal development activities.

EPQ titles that girls at St George’s have presented in recent years include: ‘Why did the Industrial Revolution happen in Britain?’, ‘Are ideas rather than material conditions the most significant cause of revolutions’,’ How has the British monarchy’s influence changed over time?’, ‘ In what ways did Paul Cezanne influence artists in the 20th century?’ and’ How did the use of Uranium during the invasions of the Iraq affect the epidemiology of the country?’

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