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Welcome to Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at St George’s offers an outstanding educational experience that affords young women the opportunity to realise and reach their individual potential and flourish academically. We believe in equipping girls, not only with the tools to strive for academic excellence, but also in empowering them with the necessary life skills to embrace challenges with self-assurance and confidence. 

The Sixth Form is a two year programme which links school and post-18 options such as university study, degree apprenticeships or a career.  Becoming more independent and responsible for learning is crucial for success and it is the quality of teaching and learning, the exceptional pastoral care and holistic philosophy towards pupils’ development which distinguishes the Sixth Form at St George’s. We are immensely proud of the achievements academically and personally of the young women who, when they leave our School, are in a strong position to make a success of their lives and contribute positively in whichever field they have chosen to pursue. 

We believe that, together with girls and their parents/guardians, we will ensure that the Sixth Form is a happy and academically successful time in which we will see our girls flourish into young women who are confident, healthy and motivated to succeed.

Mr A Carroll




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