St George's


When you enter our boarding houses here at St George’s, you will find them cosy and friendly with a warm, relaxed atmosphere, a bit like walking into a family home.  The girls are encouraged to decorate their bedrooms, to choose the friends that they would like to share rooms with and to treat their common rooms like communal sitting rooms, where they can chat with friends and watch television together with a mug of hot chocolate and relax.  

For many families working long hours, boarding has become an ideal solution.  The girls here have a vast array of extra-curricular and sporting activities after school, are surrounded by their friends, do their homework in a communal atmosphere with specialist help from teachers, have caring Housemistresses always available to talk to and are in a safe, happy and stress free environment.

For older girls, as homework becomes greater, not having to travel to and from school and being in an environment which is conducive to work has also been very attractive.  However, perhaps it is the camaraderie which comes from boarding, the sharing of experiences, the deep friendships which are made and the independence and confidence gained, which makes boarding at St George’s so special. 

To see a copy of our Boarding Principles, please click here.

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