St George's

First to Third Year

First to Third Year Curriculum

First through to Third Year pupils at St George’s follow the Key Stage Three National Curriculum which gives them a solid grounding in every subject before they choose their GCSE options.  Here at St George’s the subjects we teach in the First, Second and Third years include:

Art Textiles
Biology Chemistry
Drama English
French Geography
History Computing
Latin Mathematics
Music PE
Physics Spanish
Philosophy, Ethics and Religion  

Pupils are set in Mathematics during the First Year, based on the results of their entrance exams and school reports, in Mathematics and French in the Second Year and in Mathematics, Science, French and Latin in the Third Year.

In addition, all subjects operate subject clinics once a week where girls can go and seek extra help and advice should they need it, except Philosophy, Ethics and Religion.  Language conversation classes take place during study periods and free time for those take public examinations during the spring and summer terms and play rehearsals are held at varying times during all terms depending on whole school and year group productions.

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